5 Things You Can Do To Save Your Hair RIGHT NOW!

5 Things You Can Do To Save Your Hair RIGHT NOW!

I talk to so many women that are in the midst of a hair crisis and don’t know where to start. After abusing and neglecting their hair, once luscious locks are now a sad, lifeless mop. It doesn’t matter if you’re black, white, or brown…silky, curly, kinky, or coily, these 5 tips will give your hair the RX it needs to start an immediate turn around.

1. Deep condition your hair.

I cannot stress this enough. No matter what your hair type, deep conditioning is necessary to replenish much needed moisture and to also repair damage from regular heat styling. Start doing this once a week (twice if your hair is severely damaged) and you will notice a difference in just a couple weeks.

2. Cut back on heat styling.

I know that many of us are attached at the hip to our favorite flat iron, curling iron, blow dryer, etc. While these tools make our hair look great on the surface, they cause damage to our cuticles, which are the key to healthy shiny hair. It will be a challenge, but for those of you that use heat daily, try to cut back to twice a week, and eventually to once a week if you can. Experiment with different hairstyles that incorporate your hair’s natural texture. If you just can’t cut back right now, at least use a good heat protectant every time.

3. Trim split, damaged ends.

I know this is a hard one, but at the end of the day healthy hair is better than “long” hair with scraggly, see-thru ends. Sometimes it’s best to bite the bullet and start with a clean slate. If you can’t do it all at once, do small trims until you’ve gotten rid of the damaged ends.

4. Take your vitamins.

Your mother’s advice still holds true. Your hair is a reflection of your health. The more you take care of your body, the better your hair will look. Start with a good hair/skin/nail multivitamin (I love Mielle Organics). Not only will you see a difference in your nails almost immediately, over the next few weeks after starting the supplement you will notice that your hair has become stronger, thicker, and growing faster than usual.

5. Drink water.

We can’t survive solely off of cocktails ladies 🙂 Water is the fuel that keeps our whole fabulous operation running and it is absolutely necessary if we want healthy hair. Buy a case of bottled water—put a bottle in your car, your purse, at your desk at work, on your nightstand. Whatever amount of water you already drink per day, drink more!

Hairnistas, if you start with these 5 small things and are consistent, in 4-6 weeks you will see a definite difference in your hair. I am always amazed at how fast hair responds to proper treatment, my own included. If you try these tips and they work for you, please let me know.

Remember, Fabulous Hair is Healthy Hair!


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