Love. This. Hair.

Love. This. Hair.

ok let’s talk hairrrrrrr
my heat damage is finally over, but I wanted to give my hair a break for a while (and i missed this big hair drama!) so hair deets:
@privatestockhair (4abc texture)

4oz – 18″

8oz – 20″

I don’t use ANY product on the hair. Rinse w/ conditioner once a week to detangle. Again no styling products or leave ins (I only use product to style my leave out) 
At night I sleep with the long bonnet from @silkywraps
Will keep this hair in for 6-8weeks…max
I use @girlandhair products to take care of the hair underneath 

Install by @infamousmstish of LaBelle Boutique Salon in Brooklyn, NY. 
Use my code “africamiranda” to receive free shipping and 10% off of your order at


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