3 Tips for Finding the Authentic Voice for Your Personal Brand


Authenticity is the new trendy selling point for most brands and businesses. Not everyone has mastered the art of the “authentic approach,” but those who are able to stand in their truth highly increase their odds of success.

People connect more with what’s real, it leaves a lasting impression. In a world that often comes off as superficial, connecting with a brand or business that doesn’t rely on gimmicks is a true treasure for consumers. As a digital influencer, being able to properly present your personal message and connect it to your target audience will put you right in the sweet spot of influence and authenticity.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when trying to find your voice:

Tip #1: Have a solid brand message.  Figure out what your brand will stand for and how it will be perceived. What do you want people to think when they hear your name? Is your message consistent? If it changes every week it will be confusing to your audience as well as the brands you hope to connect with. If you can’t connect, you can’t grow.

Tip #2: Find your tribe.

Who are you trying to appeal to? Knowing your audience will help you produce content that can increase engagement and grow your platform. Don’t try to be all things to all people. When you are sharing your truth your tribe will come. The goal is to grow a community with a real connection, not one based on a trend or copying someone else’s platform.

 Tip #3: Create the right aesthetics.

You have decided on your message and figured out what audience you will cater to, so what’s next? Your image. What does your brand look and feel like? Presentation is everything. Your digital presence is your calling card. Invest in better photography, update your website, clean up your social feeds. So many people view their visuals as a throwaway or the least important part of personal branding. I can’t stress enough that it is VERY IMPORTANT.

Once you know the type of services, products, and/or experiences you will be creating, you should figure out the most authentic ways to connect them with your audience. Your brand’s message, audience and visibility are key components for building your foundation. You don’t have to have millions of followers to be an online success. A higher follower count doesn’t always equal higher impact and engagement. YOUR voice and YOUR message will set you apart from everyone else because no one can do you like YOU. Authenticity will always be your advantage.


For more tips on finding your voice check out a video interview I did with Brande Victorian of Be-Enough.com



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