Africa Miranda’s 3 Ways To Win In 2017


We are halfway into 2017.

What did your last 6 months consist of? Starting a new year can be intimidating. We place so much pressure on setting goals and creating new lifestyles in the beginning, then we usually end up burned out by the time we hit mid year. If you rocked the first half of this year with grace and resilience, kudos to you. If you dropped the ball, don’t sweat it. There’s still time to redeem yourself. You have 6 months ahead of you to create some magic.

Here are 3 simple ways to make sure you end 2017 more fulfilled:


Look at the past 6 months. Review what you have already accomplished and how you got it done. Review what you didn’t accomplish, and the reasons you weren’t successful. Take time to think about how you could have made the last 6 months even better. Be honest with yourself but try not to judge what you did or didn’t do. Just take notes. To improve ourselves, it’s important to know the areas that need improvements.


Set New Goals.

What are you going to accomplish within the next 6 months? How do you envision yourself ending 2017? Visualize yourself accomplishing your goals. Visualize how you would like your life to look by the end of the year. How do you want your finances to look? How do you want your business to be? Where do you want to be mentally, physically, and spiritually? Set goals that will help you reach the levels you have envisioned for yourself. They don’t have to be lofty goals. Start simple. You want to focus on your fitness more? Get a gym membership. You want to start a business? Attend a business conference or workshop. Set obtainable goals and then crush them.



Setting goals is only the first step. You must follow through for it to be a success. Most people skip the part that requires them to create the blueprint that will help them reach their goals. Creating methods that will increase the odds of you reaching all your goals is key. It could be as simple as getting a planner or maybe even an accountability partner. Start a routine that will set you up for success. Get in the habit of checking things off your “to-do” list.

Setting goals, strategizing, and holding yourself accountable, will guarantee you a few wins by the end of 2017. Now the question is, how bad do you want to win? You have the tools to make the rest of 2017 amazing!




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